We will miss their light..

Erin’s father Bill Hinson passed on August 31. He was a force to be reckoned with and his loss will be felt by his family and all who knew him. You can read his obituary here. If you would like to leave a card at the studio for Erin we will see that she gets it.

Bob Ranson passed on September 14. He was an outdoorsman, music enthusiast, long-time yoga practitioner and friend to all who knew him. He was a happy, joyful individual who was quick with a story. We miss him every Tuesday at the 5PM class.

In our grief at their loss, we remember the many good times that we shared; the laughter and fun. And the belief in the eternity of the soul can comfort us as we say goodbye to the transient corporeal body. Our loss as always is attached to grief and with death we feel it writ large.

Bhagavad Gita 2-27 says, “For the born, death is certain…Therefore, for this, inevitable in consequence, you should not mourn.”

And in sloka 30, “This, the embodied Self, is eternally indestructible in the body of all..Therefore you should not mourn for any being.”